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Trigger warning! 

This video contains graphic content.

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AB 988 The Miles Hall Lifeline Act

In February 2021, Rebecca Bauer-Kahan, Assemblymember District 16, introduced legislation calling for a new three-digit phone line, 9-8-8, for suicide prevention and immediate, localized emergency response for individuals in mental health crisis by trained mental health professionals. This bill will designate crisis hotline centers to provide intervention 24/7 through call, chat, and text. These call centers will be able to deploy crisis services – such as mobile crisis teams and crisis stabilization services. To ensure long-term success, centers will also follow up with callers to ensure they receive ongoing care.


Visit The Miles Hall Foundation website for the latest information on the Miles Hall Lifeline & Suicide Prevention Act.

Progress Towards Community Crisis Hub


The Contra Costa County Community Crisis Response Value Stream Mapping process, which included members of our team, identified and prioritized these areas of focus for next steps:

  • Identifying a single number to call for behavioral health crisis response

  • Establishing a mobile crisis 24/7 response

  • Evaluating non-police mobile crisis team composition

  • Identifying alternate destinations for those experiencing behavioral health crisis

4/2/2021 The Community Crisis Response Rapid Improvement Public Report Out from the 11/20/20 Value Stream Mapping is here.

4/30/2021 Rapid Improvement Event 2: Testing and Developing Solutions report out is here

6/11/2021 Rapid Improvement Event 3:  Putting It All Together report out is here. The Miles Hall Community Crisis Hub is introduced.

6/23/2021 Measure X meeting agenda including presentations on the A3 Model (anyone, anywhere, anytime) and Miles Hall Community Crisis Pilot launching in July 2021 is here.  

August 2021 The Miles Hall Hub Pilot launches and will take calls from across the county during certain hours to triage and determine the appropriate level of crisis response. For details of the Pilot and the initial phase, visit the Contra Costa Health Services website here.  


Download the 8/5/21 Mayor's Conference Behavioral Health Community Crisis Response presentation.

Currently, the Miles Hall Community Crisis Hub operates Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Saturday – Sunday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. The Miles Hall Community Crisis Hub is the central component of the A3 model. Once fully developed, the Hub will be a high-tech call center open 24/7 with staffing of both licensed and peer staff. This staff will answer calls, triage the situation and dispatch a team to respond.

As of Spring 2022, the County continues to build out the Miles Hall Community Crisis Hub and will be hiring and training additional call center team members. 


If you or someone you know is experiencing a behavioral health crisis, call 833-443-2672.



Source: Contra Costa Health Services

Contra Costa A3 Model

Giving Back 

4-5-21 Report out
Creating a Space for Reflection at Remembrance Park

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